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production tools


The following tools are made available to you to facilitate a smooth production process with the end product being a media guide you and your school will be proud of.

Media guide ad specs

File Requirements

We cannot be responsible for mistakes made in the original construction of your files.


Some items we strongly suggest you check before giving us your file(s) include:


• Keep filenames short, no more than 15 characters

• When burning files to a DVD or CD, DO NOT use Multi-Sessions on XP or Live File System Format on Vista.

   Do a one-time burn and check the “Make Compatible” option if available.

• Do not stylize fonts in the font palette (i.e. make a font bold that does not have the option for a bold font)

• All images must be in CMYK or Grayscale, not RGB

• All fonts must be included for all files

• All linked files must be included

• Original .PSD files included along with flattened images

• All embedded files must be included

• Trim sizes must be correct

• 1/8” bleed are provided for images printing to the edge of the paper

• Laser/Inkjet printouts are full size and the most current

• Image resolution should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch)

• Images are not enlarged greatly once placed in another program

• Check spelling

We prefer you create your artwork using any of the following applications:

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat PDF

We can accept Publisher or Word files if necessary (but not recommended).

Files 10mb and larger need to be uploaded to our FTP site.

Contact Shaun Lane via phone (714) 779-8484 or for any questions you may have.




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