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Why is the Sports Media Guide Helpful?

If you’d ask any coach, booster, parent, or athlete and they’ll tell you the same thing, because the Sports Media Guide is great for a variety of reasons!

The Media Guide can make money for your school and sports teams

Through the process of selling print ads; full page, half page, and business card placements. Your Media Guide will attract revenue for you and the advertisers.

Fans of the team will value the Sports Media Guide as a souvenir.

Great for grandparents, immediate family, siblings, and local fans attending the game, therefore The Media Guide is a great way to support their favorite players.

The parents of the team will proudly show off the Media Guide.

Parents will love to show their friends and other family members their child and their team in action on the field. Sport Media Guide is a year book for the sports world of school.

Here at Print4Sports, The Sport Media Guide is even more than just that.

It is about creating a keepsake that athletes and their families will treasure for decades to come.

For most of us, our sports careers are fleeting. They’re over before we can even catch our breaths. With a sports media guide from Print4Sports, you can be sure that – though the seasons may fly by – the memories will last a lifetime.

The Media Guide

Sport Media Guide is the heavy hitter, our flagship product – your biggest money makers.  We offer direction and insight over all aspects of the production process from initial concept to the final printed piece.  With the latest in digital equipment and many years experience we can bring your school to life with custom covers, team foldouts, player cards, and much much more.  We take pride in finding creative solutions to all of your design challenges, and leaving you with a media guide that your players and parents will cherish for years to come.

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Print4Sports Offers A Wide Range of Design and Print Services

As a full-service print shop, Print4Sports is far more than merely a producer of media guides. We’re a one-stop shop for all your sports marketing needs! Why stop at media guides when there’s so much more you can be doing to promote your teams, excite your fans, and support your school? Even better: when you order all of your promotional items through Print4Sports, we can do even more to help with your budget!

School Banner
Poster and Banners

Print4Sports can design and print large format items such as posters and banners. These can be anywhere from 11" by 17" to 8 feet by 4 feet (or even bigger!) One of our most popular poster choices is a 12"×18" version with your team photo and schedule. These can be put around the school or around town. Large banners can be printed for your biggest donors and can be placed around the stadium or down on the field.

Photography Team

We also offer professional photography services from one of our in-house designers. Our photographer can take team, individual, group and fun shots to use for your media guide. These photos can also be made available for purchase to parents through various cost-effective and competitive packages. The advantage of using our photographer is instant access to the photos. No more waiting weeks for a photographer to mail you a DVD!

Team Calendar

Calendars are a popular item that many schools use to further advertise their programs. These are great ways to showcase your team's best action shots, and can contain information for all school activities including sports, holidays, school elections, important testing dates, assemblies, and much more.

player button

Print4Sports also can provide your team with buttons of various size and design, because who doesn't like showing team spirit? Buttons are a great promotional item Our designers can take team photos or team logos and turn them into stunning buttons.


"Working with Print 4 Sports was a very efficient process! They have the sensitivities that accompany high school sports. I felt completely comfortable asking questions. P4S is an exceptional organization."

Carol - Corona Del Mar High School Baseball

"Print 4 Sports did such a great job; they are so easy to work with! They made me look like a hero at my team's award banquet! You guys are so great. Everybody is very happy with the program. P4S is awesome!"

Chris - JSerra High School Volleyball

"The book looked great and it was within our budget. The coach was extremely happy with the cover design. P4S has done a fine job! I can already say I look forward to working again with you next year!"

Cheryl - Edison High School

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